We have a few simple 'rules of play' that are easy to follow:

  • We know parents have eyes in the back of their heads, however Play Central is a large facility and it can be very difficult to keep an eye on a large number of children. Unless arranged prior, the maximum number of children on adult/guardian may supervise is 4 children.

  • We expect all guests to respect other the safety and wellbeing of fellow patrons at Play Central. Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • We encourage all guests to use the equipment, including adults. Be mindful of people younger and smaller than yourself.

  • Shoes or bare feet are not permitted on the play structures.

  • No food or drink is allowed on the play structures.

  • For the safety of all guests, play structures must be used properly at all times. This means:

    1. No running up the slides

    2. No head-on ramming of dodgems

    3. Remaining seated on all motorised attractions unless instructed by an attendant

  • If there is a queue to use any ride or attraction, please wait your turn as there will be plenty of opportunity during your visit.

  • All patrons must comply with the instructions of Play Central staff.

wellbeing is paramount

For the benefit of all guests we have a 3-step policy for unruly behaviour:

  1. If Play Central staff become aware of unruly behaviour by adults or children they will speak with them.

  2. If unruly behaviour continues in the instance of a child, their parent/guardian will be advised that the child has been misbehaving. Adults will be warned.

  3. If the misbehaviour persists, the child and the parent/guardian (and any other children who would be unaccompanied if the adult left) will be asked to leave.

We want everybody who comes to Play Central to enjoy a happy, welcoming and safe environment. 


Underpinning 'fun' is safety and wellbeing. It's part of our D-N-A. To ensure we provide a safe, bright and friendly environment for children and adults alike we've taken care of every detail, including:

  • Single entry/exit point and wristbands for all patrons so that children cannot leave without their parent/guardian, and unauthorised visitors are, well, unauthorised to enter!
  • Trained staff complete with working with children checks, food service training and first aid training
  • Uniforms to distinguish Play Central staff from parents/guardians
  • Security cameras
  • Staff 'on the floor' at all times to cater for every question and need
  • Certified safety play equipment with regular safety checks and cleaning protocols.