how much does it cost?

1 Child Membership:        $60 per annum 

2 Child Membership:       $100 per annum

3+ Child Membership:     $125 per annum

Memberships are valid for one year from the day you join


what does it entitle me to?

We want you to feel like you are getting value for money, so if you are going to be visiting the play centre more than 8 times a year, you are better off under a membership. If multiple adults are accompanying the kids then payback is roughly 6 visits per year.

Membership aims to reward frequent visitors. It reduces the cost of entry for each child by $5 and makes the accompanying adults free (max 3 adults)

Due to the fact that we have a council-imposed limit on the number of visitors we can have at one time, membership does not provide for unlimited free entry for children. 

Whilst we ask that a membership be filled out in the name of an adult, it is attached to the child/ren named on the membership form. As a result, different carers can bring the child under the membership. This is great for nannies/grand parents and its great to see our customers using their memberships frequently. 

Please note: You cannot substitute children under the membership. For example, if you buy a 1-child membership it is only in the name of the child listed on the membership form. If you list more than one child on the membership form, we will apply the membership only to the first child listed on the membership form.