Where can i park?

We have 18 parks on-site and there is on-street parking available in the area. There is un-timed street parking on Ingles Street between Pickles and Crockford Street, the rest of the parking is a mixture of ticketed, 1 hour and 2 hour parking.

All on-street parking is un-timed on weekends.

Our neighbours at F45 Port Melbourne have kindly allowed our customers to park there on Sundays (entrance off Ingles Street) but please respect their wishes by not parking there at any other time.


what is the nearest tram stop/how do i get there on public transport

The nearest tram stop is Montague Street which on Route 109. This can be caught at the bottom end of Collins Street, a short walk from Southern Cross Station. 

The nearest bus stop is on Crockford Street, just outside 7/11. This is the Route 234 Bus from Queen Victoria Markets, which travels down Queen Street in the city.


Why do you charge for adults?

There are a couple of reasons why we charge for adults:

The most important reason is that the City of Port Phillip has imposed a maximum number of adults and total guests that are allowed in our centre. We wish this wasn't the case but we have to abide by their rules. This means that for every adult who enters the facility there is the potential that we will have to deny children entry to the facility.  

Additionally, we have designed a lot of the equipment so that adults can interact, and enjoy playing with their children. We encourage them to do so.


are we allowed to bring our own food onto the premises?

No. We make this clear with large signs as you walk into the centre.

We have a fully stocked cafe and two chefs. We are happy to work with any customer that has a particular dietary issue (allergies or religious requirements) to ensure that there is something worthwhile for them to eat whilst in the play centre. If this is the case, please identify yourselves to our cafe staff and our chefs will discuss your issue so that we can come to a workable solution.

We respect your right not to purchase food from us, but in return we expect all guests to abide by our rules. We have provided a bench seat outside the reception area, and we offer unlimited pass-outs so that any guest choosing to go somewhere else in order to eat can do so. 

If we see guests eating external food, we will politely ask them to put it away, or take it outside. 


how tall does a child have to be to go on the dodgems?

A child has to be 105cm tall to operate the dodgems and 100cm tall to sit in the dodgem cars. These are the specifications set out by the manufacturer, and we must follow them. Just because a child is with another child over the required height, this does not mean they can ride the dodgems. The cars don't have seat belts, and even though they travel at low speeds there is the potential for little children to be thrown about when bumped. We don't want to see anyone get hurt, so must be strict on this rule.

We understand that children want to be able to go on them, but we ask that you respect our rules.


Can parents go on the dodgems?

No. The dodgem cars are actually mini-dodgems, and are not designed for adults. We understand that some adults are small enough to ride in the dodgems, but this may create confusion with other adults so it is easier to enforce a rule consistently.